Our story

Travelling aboard the Five-Star M.S. LeBoreal, we had the opportunity to enjoy many dynamic ports of Europe's western-most coast. There were many highlights of the trip including “Oporto”, one of the oldest European centres,  as well as responsible for the production and export of Oporto wine.  Another fascinating area we discovered was Bilbao, Spain which showcased the Guggenheim Museum, featured in our Gallery photo below. A source of inspiration was definitely  Belle-Ile, France which has drawn artists, poets and painters to its shores. for centuries. Yet, taking part in the 71st anniversary of the Allied Forces historic D-Day landing with guest speaker Dwight David Eisenhower II was the highlight of the trip as a full day excursion was spent in Normandy exploring Omaha Beach, the St. Laurent Cemetery and a visit to D-Day museum in Arromanches. The entire trip left lasting memories of the historical European Coastal Civilization and its impact on the world.