Village Life in Dordogne - U of I EXPLORERS Photolog

Our story...

Village Life in Dordogne was a life changing trip for all participants. This group of alumni bonded very quickly. I enjoyed hearing the very touching stories of how the University of Illinois played a major role in each of their lives---meeting spouses, forming successful careers, and making lifelong friendships. Our home base was in a city named Sarlat, a wonderfully preserved town that represents 14th century France. Each day, we left Sarlat to visit awe inspiring castles such as Chateau de Beynac, French villages such as Domme and St. Amand de Coly, abbey churches, famous religious sites such as Rocamadour, prehistoric cave paintings and a glorious French garden named Les Jardin du Manor D’Eyrignac. We enjoyed authentic, local wine and cuisine every day during the trip. Foie Gras is quite a source of local pride and a very popular dish! The history and culture of the Dordogne region in France is so rich that I think I could visit again and have a totally different experience. We were able to touch a castle from the 1100’s and it was quite a humbling experience for all of us!

—Andrea Turner, UI Alumni Association EXPLORERS host


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Bells Ringing

Peaceful Gardens!

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Boat Ride