Our story...

What an amazing time we had in Cuba! We truly enjoyed learning about the culture, arts, history, education, and day to day life. The People-to-People visa allowed us to experience everything Cuba has to offer. Many of us were able to experience a little bit of the Havana night scene, along with learning how to Salsa. A few mojitos were consumed, along with a few cigars. A tropical storm tried to ruin our driving tour in the 1950s classic cars, but we were all troopers and wouldn’t let it ruin our fun. I never tired of seeing those beautiful cars in the streets. The generous donations provided by the group were spread out amongst all the places we visited, and the people were extremely grateful. I’m not sure if our story can be captured in pictures, but hopefully we have made a good effort!

--Amanda Akers, UIAA Host

Amanda's Photos