Our story...

Over 20 alumni decided that this was the time to check Egypt off their travel bucket-lists! And there truly has never been a better time to visit Egypt: the weather was a perfect 60 in Cairo, and a steamy but bearable 90 in Luxor/Aswan; tourism is down so crowds are much more manageable—very helpful in some of the tombs and river cruise sites; and the entire group felt safe as we journeyed from North to South, tracing history from first pyramids of Saqqara to the modern developments of the Awan Damn. With the assistance of a helpful Egyptologist, who accompanied us throughout Egypt, our trip was educational, enlightening, and even ridden with a bit of mystery (did that priest murder King Tut??) This is a selection of our photos that help us remember our own journey, but to also encourage you to visit Egypt.

--Bridget Doyle, UIAA Travel Host



Luxor, Call to Prayer

Remember this guy??

Galabeya Party on the Nile