Dutch Waterways, 2018 - U of I EXPLORERS Photolog

Our Story...

From Antwerp to Amsterdam this was a fantastic trip! Alumni and friends enjoyed the fantastic hospitality aboard the MS Amadeus Silver III. The crew was nothing short of phenomenal and the food was outstanding. Each day was a new adventure beginning in Brussels, Belgium as we worked our way through the amazing waterways of the region. The architecture is awe inspiring and is like stepping back in time to the 16th century and often times older. The visit to Bruges provided memories for a lifetime, especially the tours of the De Halve Mann Brewery and the chocolate factory. The tours were enriched by knowledgeable tour guides who were experts in local history and culture. We learned a great deal about how the Dutch deal with battle against the sea and water management. Giethoorn was unlike any other village in Europe with its small canals and quaint houses. A quick visit to The Hauge and Delft and then onto Amsterdam. We were able to explore Amsterdam and see why it is a world class city with amazing museums, food and culture. The highlight of the trip was the Keukenhof Gardens. No place we have ever visited has more color and beauty. We made so many new friends on this excursion that will last a lifetime. It's great to be an alumni explorer! Brooke and Greg Knott

--Brooke and Greg Knott, UIAA Hosts

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